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Financial truths are rarely kind in the world of shopping – high quality goods too often demand equally high prices; product deliveries require steep surcharges, and rent-to-own programs wreak havoc on credit scores and budgets alike …read more .

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It’s a series of lumps, bumps, and sagging pillow-top surfaces. Your mattress is a ragged thing – and you curl yourself into an uncomfortable position, tucking your legs highs to avoid the broken springs. Tonight will be (yet another) bad night …read more .

King & Queen Size Bed Frames Made Easy, Brisbane Style

It might not be every day that you have to buy a new bed frame, but when you do, you want to make sure you get it right! You will be spending lots of time in your bed, so making sure your bed frame is sturdy, stylish, and well priced is going …read more .

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Many people have a love/hate relationship with shopping for new furniture. When moving or remodelling, they can envision the desired look and feel of the new pieces as well as get excited about shopping on-line to see what is available …read more .

Brisbane Residents: Reorganise Your Boudoir With New Bedroom Sets, Drawers, And Cupboards

One of the greatest design challenges facing any homeowner is finding great master bedroom sets, outfitting their bedroom with fantastic furniture, and getting your clothes and other items nicely arranged in their proper place. Tossing …read more .

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Is your bedroom overflowing with clothing and personal items? Do you long to get organised but can’t figure out how to afford to redecorate? At QLD Bedding, we provide solutions to your decorating challenges by offering bedroom wardrobes in …read more .

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It’s a perfect day – the sun is shining; the birds are singing; the humidity has vanished, leaving behind a soft breeze. The great outdoors beckons, but you remain inside, staring longingly out the window and cursing your lack of patio furniture …read more .

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Moving to a brand new home represents the start of a new adventure. Sometimes, it can be sad to say goodbye to our old house which served us so well in the Ipswich area. You may be leaving behind some wonderful neighbours, and it’ll be …read more .

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The dinner was meant to be an event – with the entire family gathered amongst good food and good conversation, making memories around the table. Instead, however, you’re all forced to suffer through wobbly chairs and peeling veneers …read more .

High-Quality Dining Room Tables, Sets and other Furniture in Ipswich

Your home is very likely your pride and joy, and it’s also probably your most valuable asset. You might have been on the property ladder for years, or you could be a brand new homeowner. Either way, looking after a house is no simple task, and …read more .

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In your bedroom sits a collection of furniture – inherited from your friends and family, pieced together over years and trends. There’s no consistent style; there are no shared finishes or materials. Instead, it creates a clash of colours …read more .

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Most people are tremendously excited for the day they can afford to purchase their own home. However, for those who have lived in the world of homeownership for quite some time, it can be a little stressful. New homeowners will eventually …read more .

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Buying a home can be a very exciting experience. In fact, it represents a significant milestone in life. The day you move into your first home is a huge achievement, and it probably took you a long time to save the funds required for …read more .

Lounges Galore! Leather, Fabric, Fantastic Chaise Variety Available In Our Brisbane Locations

Your lounge is a centrepiece item, and as such, you should be putting a lot of thought into what you want out of it. Sure you’ve probably heard plenty about styles, pricing, etc. But have you considered your preferred materials? They aren …read more .

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Have your children or your pets done a number on your furniture? Does it look like a tornado passed through your living room leaving nothing undamaged? We feel your pain. At QLD Bedding and Furniture Direct we can help you to replace outdated …read more .

Find the Best Cheap Mattresses for Sale in Ipswich

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, everybody is different and has different needs. Some people would consider themselves to be very light sleepers, unable to get some proper rest with any light or sound in the room. Some people …read more .

Design Alert! How To Choose Perfect Recliner Lounge Suites, Plus Tips On Getting Cheap Lounge Suites In Brisbane

How much do you know about recliner lounge suites? More than just a place to sit, the lounge suite provides us with plenty of room to lie down, stretch out, and indeed enter a state of deep relaxation. People spend lots of time on suites, so …read more .

Family Owned Business offers Cheap Recliner Lounge Suites for Sale in Ipswich

Are you looking for an affordable way to upgrade your home but not sure whether you would qualify for a new purchase? Now everyone can afford to get fabulous recliner lounge suites in Ipswich, as well as new bedding and residential …read more .

For The Latest in 2016 Bedroom Design Ideas in Brisbane, Consider White Wardrobes & More

If you’re still stuck on the idea that bedroom wardrobes are just plain boxy wooden slabs, think again. The modern wardrobe has evolved to suit many design tastes and personal styles, and if you’re surveying the market for something new …read more .

Where to Find Quality White Bedroom Wardrobes for Sale in Ipswich

Are you looking to brighten up a bedroom? Look no further – QLD Bedding has the products to take your decorating dreams to the next level and help you create a functional and revamped boudoir. For example, our white wardrobes in Ipswich are …read more .