Looking for Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets in Brisbane? QLD Bedding & Furniture Offers Discounts for Every Style.

In your bedroom sits a collection of furniture – inherited from your friends and family, pieced together over years and trends. There’s no consistent style; there are no shared finishes or materials. Instead, it creates a clash of colours, causing you to wince with every glance. This set doesn’t reflect who you are (nor even the shape of the room, proving too large for every corner). It’s time for a change. It’s time for discount bedroom furniture in Brisbane.

QLD Bedding & Furniture agrees. We serve as the leading provider of bedroom furniture sets in Brisbane, enabling our customers to find the right options for their homes. We boast a dynamic selection of styles – each delivering quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. Allow us to help you redefine your room.

For 25 years, we’ve offered cheap bedroom furniture to Brisbane and beyond. We’ve also provided convenience, with two brick-and-mortar stores fusing with online inventories. Through this, we can easily accommodate every consumer need – providing them with the frames, tables, wardrobes, and blanket boxes they crave. Contact us today to learn more.

Seeking Discount Bedroom Furniture in Brisbane: Our Options

The quest for cheap bedroom furniture in Brisbane too often demands a compromise of quality. We believe, however, that our customers deserve no such compromise – instead offering them a wide range of sophisticated materials and constructions.

Our bedroom furniture sets in Brisbane include:

  • Timber Frames, Bases, and More – we blend a variety of woods (from acacia to pine) to accommodate all budgets.
  • Comfortable Mattresses – we deliver pillow tops, memory foam, and zone pocket spring systems to ensure restful nights.
  • Extensive Storage – we cater to all storage needs with tall-boys, under-bed drawers, dressers, and wardrobe inserts.
  • Custom Beds – we offer unique discount bedroom furniture in Brisbane, including trundle beds, bunks, day beds, and children’s novelty beds.

Through this collection of cheap bedroom furniture in Brisbane, we ensure that our customers transform their spaces – experiencing premium finishes and dramatic styles (we’re proud to showcase exclusive options, including Australian-made blue gum frame and powder-coated wrought iron frames).

A Promise of Ease: Our Convenient Locations

Finding bedroom furniture sets in Brisbane is no longer a challenge. We instead offer convenient shopping options, with our store boasting both virtual and brick-and-mortar savings. Take advantage of our central locales and vast inventory, with our team striving to connect you to the options you need.

We’re available:


Browse our selection of bedroom furnishings, experiencing free local shipping and exclusive online discounts.


2 Lowry St.
North Ipswich QLD 4205
(Opposite Riverlink Shopping Centre)


8506 Warrego Highway
Withcott QLD 4352
(Bottom of the Toowoomba Range)

Visit one of these stores and discover an extensive collection of bed frames, mattresses, night tables, wardrobes, and more – all boasting chic lines and perfectly coordinated finishes. No longer struggle with styles that aren’t your own. Let us instead find you the perfect solutions to your design dilemma.