Searching for a Cheap Furniture Store in Brisbane? QLD Bedding & Furniture Delivers Discount Options Online. Visit our Ipswich and Withcott Stores to Learn More.

Financial truths are rarely kind in the world of shopping – high quality goods too often demand equally high prices; product deliveries require steep surcharges, and rent-to-own programs wreak havoc on credit scores and budgets alike. Consumerism is a series of costs, and the payments are simply too large for you to make. You resign yourself, therefore, to furnishings that reflect neither your style nor your needs. What else can you do?

QLD Bedding & Furniture offers an answer to this question. We recommend seeking our selection of bedroom, dining, outdoor, and lounge options – which fuse high-end finishes with affordability. For 25 years we’ve stood as one the premier cheap furniture stores in Brisbane, connecting our customers to the service they deserve and the prices they once thought impossible. We’re family-owned and conveniently centred within the Queensland region. This convenience allows us to both understand and accommodate every need.

Searching for discount furniture stores in Brisbane? Visit our two locations:

  • 8506 Warrego Highway, Withcott
  • 2 Lowry St, North Ipswich, opposite Riverlink Shopping Centre

We also offer virtual shopping, serving as one of the leading online furniture stores in Brisbane. Reduced overheads allow us to ensure greater savings for every shopper.

Choosing a Cheap Furniture Store in Brisbane: Our Selection

There are many discount furniture stores in Brisbane. Only QLD Bedding & Furniture, however, delivers quality goods and sterling service – emphasising the needs of everyone. We cater to all styles, providing a broad range of options. This includes:

  • Bedroom Furnishings – Frames, Bases, Mattresses, Dressers, Tables, and More.
  • Dining Room Furnishings – Buffet Hutches, Display Cabinets, Dining Sets, and More.
  • Lounge Furnishings – Recliners, Storage Units, Bookcases, Electric Lift Chairs, and More.
  • Bar Furnishings – Solid Timber Bars, Jukeboxes, Stools, and More.

The value of online furniture stores in Brisbane is to provide diverse goods for low prices – and we embrace value with every sale.

Our Commitment to Cost Efficiency: Choosing Discount Furniture Stores in Brisbane

We believe that every customer deserves both the right decor and the right price, and for this reason, as a premier cheap furniture store in Brisbane, we offer a variety of savings opportunities – ensuring that everyone finds the perfect bargain.

  • Low Overheads – due to our low overheads, we can now eliminate traditional markups, with our tags boasting discounts of up to 50%.
  • Free Local Delivery – we pair our goods with free local deliveries in Toowoomba and Ipswich, sparing customers massive shipping fees.
  • Capped Delivery – should our customers live beyond the Toowoomba and Ipswich areas, we provide capped deliveries (charging only $35.00 for Brisbane).
  • Versatile Plans – we feature a wide selection of payment schemes, including rent-to-own, interest-free financing, and three-month in-house lay-bys. These payment plans allow our customers to control their finances better.

Looking for cheap online furniture stores in Brisbane that also offers quality? Let us provide you with quality decor and budget-friendly prices.