Information about our Finance Options

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InRent lets you have it now! That’s right, if you’ve been dreaming of a new plasma or LCD TV, you can rent a TV with inRent today with no deposit and no need to outlay a large amount of cash. Rent from 12 months to 60 months. The longer the term, the cheaper the weekly repayments! You can upgrade after a certain amount of time or purchase outright at any time. If you are a pensioner receiving government payments, the amount of credit usually granted is around $2000. If you are working full-time, the amount of credit is different for everyone.
Apply online or in store.

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Easy Payment Options

24-48 hour approval. Rental plan over a 12 month or 2 year period only. Rent up to $1500 worth of new or used items (second hand white goods). You can have the payments taken out of your account or out of your Centrelink payment before you receive it. 85% of contracts are approved (even if your credit history isn’t great).
Apply in store only.

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Ge Finance Upto 24 Months Interest Free

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In Store Lay-Buy Up to 16 Weeks. 20% Deposit up front.


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If none of these options suit you, please ask one of our friendly staff and we can cater to your needs the best we can!