Lounges Galore! Leather, Fabric, Fantastic Chaise Variety Available In Our Brisbane Locations

Your lounge is a centrepiece item, and as such, you should be putting a lot of thought into what you want out of it. Sure you’ve probably heard plenty about styles, pricing, etc. But have you considered your preferred materials? They aren’t all the same, and what you decide for yours may come down to a few factors you might not have yet considered. No worries, though, masters of chaise lounges in Brisbane and beyond, QLD Bedding & Furniture, are here with low down on lounge materials so you can head out and shop with confidence.

Lounge Materials: What’s Right For You?

Leather – A classic choice that goes well in many settings. It’s elegant, it’s comfortable, it stands tall as a symbol of luxury. If you are in the market for something supremely durable, however, leather lounges may not be your first option. Though it’s protective against some liquid spills and staining, leather can be easily cut, scraped or ripped by even innocuous looking items. It’s classy, for certain, but if you have kids or pets, you might want to look at other material choices.

Nylon – Supremely rugged, extraordinarily robust in the face of children, small animals, and spilt liquids, what could be wrong with nylon? Try a tendency to fade when exposed to sunlight, and a lack of style that plagues most varieties of nylon furniture you’ll find. Still, nylon has its uses for lounge furniture. If it’s just a piece you’ll be sticking off to the side, or in an area that’s not intended to be particularly fancy, you can get away with using nylon as your primary material choice.

Cotton-Poly Blend – Ah, the fusion of cotton and polyester. A synthesis of comfort and strength. The cotton allows for an elegant appearance and makes the lounge easy to relax on, while the polyester protects from wrinkling and the rigours of everyday house life. It’s an excellent choice, especially if you have kids or other little ones that might be a little rough with the furniture. As far as fabric for lounges goes, there’s only one that rivals cotton-poly in popularity.

Microfibre – A more modern choice, and a popular favourite among many interior decorators. Microfibre fabric lounges are soft, durable, and easy to clean. Fabric lounges do not attract large amounts of dust and lint like other material types and provide all this while being available for a lower overall cost than leather. An overall excellent choice for most individuals in the market for a new lounge.

Where To Shop For Chaise Lounges In Brisbane

QLD Bedding & Furniture, naturally. Our dedication to service has made us masters of leather & fabric lounges in Brisbane. We stock amazing variety, pulled from local and international sources. We offer extremely competitive prices on all of our merchandise, and you’d be hard pressed to find better values than our direct factory options. We deliver Australia wide, and have decades of established business experience, so you can feel comfortable that you’re dealing with furniture professionals. Need new leather lounges? In Brisbane and Australia wide, you should make us your top choice. Give us a call on 07 4613 9037 (Toowoomba), or 07 3812 3657 (Ipswich) today!