For The Latest in 2016 Bedroom Design Ideas in Brisbane, Consider White Wardrobes & More

If you’re still stuck on the idea that bedroom wardrobes are just plain boxy wooden slabs, think again. The modern wardrobe has evolved to suit many design tastes and personal styles, and if you’re surveying the market for something new, 2016 might be one of the best years yet to get outstanding selection regarding fantastic aesthetic appeal. QLD Bedding & Furniture has been in the game for years, selling bedroom wardrobes in Brisbane and beyond, and has a lot of inside insight on what trendy items you should keep a lookout for.

What’s New In Wardrobes?

If you haven’t had to purchase any new furniture for a few decades, we’ll give you a pass in missing out on some of the newest trends. Still, now that you’re here, you should know about what’s new and exciting, like big solid timber bedroom wardrobes with multiple doors and drawers.

These handy pieces of furniture feature a supremely smooth wood finish, attractive metal runners, and best of all have plenty of room to store all of your items. We have wardrobes for sale in our Brisbane locations of various sizes and styles. You can even get these wardrobes with an integrated mirror (perfect for when you want to try on a bunch of stuff and see how you look without running back and forth from the closet).

The design of the timber wardrobe is versatile, and lends itself well to bedrooms with lots of space, and whose visual style is elegant and powerful. Wood of this nature is an excellent choice that matches with multiple colour schemes, so by and large you won’t be limited when it eventually comes time to repaint the bedroom.

Still, these are a much bigger option, and if you’re starved for space in your bedroom, you might want a choice of wardrobes that is more compact. This compactness is where our slimmer wardrobes make a big impression. We have slim white wardrobes that Brisbane customers choose for their modern aesthetic appeal.

What makes this style of furniture such a hot ticket? As we mentioned, they are an excellent choice for smaller rooms, and the overall wardrobe shape, with it’s stark, prominent vertical lines, evokes a modern feel that is suitable for many urban style contemporary apartments. Multiple drawers provide plenty of room for all sorts of clothing, even if the overall size of these white wardrobes are a bit smaller than some other options you might find.

Your Top Spot For White Wardrobes In Brisbane

QLD Furniture & Bedding has stylish white wardrobes, along with an array of other wardrobes for sale in our Brisbane area stores. Why go with unattractive, poorly constructed furniture, when you can shop with us and get high quality furniture that looks great and is still reasonably priced? We have multiple options to make our items affordable for everyone and stand behind our products and service. Interested in finding the best bedroom wardrobes to fit your space? Give us a call on 07 4613 9037 (Toowoomba) or 07 3812 3657 (Ipswich) today!